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Dressing your Postpartum Body

Dressing your Postpartum Body

After having my second child I’ve struggled with body image and quickly realized that I needed to seek clothing that was for for my new body and not to harp on the fact that my body used to be different. When my daughter was born, 2 years ago, my body went back to how it was pre pregnancy. That happened after a few months, but nonetheless I was back to “normal” and I didn’t have to change my style that much with the exception of including nursing friendly tops into my wardrobe.

So when I had my son 5 months ago I was expecting my body to do the same as it has done previously and go back to where it was pre pregnancy but nope that hasn’t happened.

I have learned to be okay with my new body but it’s definitely a struggle and something I deal with daily. But having found clothing items that fit me in the right ways, help a lot and allow me to feel better and more confident about my body now.

Here are a few tips on how to dress your new body and here are some clothing items that work for me:

For reference: I’m 5’9, 180lbs with 34DDD/E bra size and a 28 waist.

Dresses with a  tie waist
Leggings, Leggings, Leggings:
Peplum tops

Tops with tie fronts

Bralettes (Aerie and Lively have some great ones that work for regular as well as bigger cup sizes) use this link for a discount at Lively https://www.wearlively.com/discount/AMB-Renee_ela
No wire nursing bras
High waisted leggings

High waisted panties

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