The Problem That Has No Name

I don’t know about you but I’ve been feeling all kinds of emotions now that I am a mom. When I was single and lonely I thought, “If I could just have a baby, I’d never be lonely”. The wild thing is that although we might have a husband or a partner and a bundle of kids, we can still feel lonely.

I came across this video on youtube, check it out below. The video perfectly explains why loneliness rears itself in a different way when you become a parent. This may not be your reality if you have more family around you or loads of close friends. But if you’re someone like me who has moved a lot and/or maybe someone who doesn’t have a community to help them, I’ll guess that you can relate to this video.

So I am now on a mission to work on friendships and to make sure I am getting more human connections outside of my little bubble at home because it’s one of the most important things I can do for myself and for my family.

Comment below and let me know your story and/or if you have any suggestions on how to link up with other moms!