Comfy Casual Friday

I typically strive to be comfortable in anything I wear. My favorite cardigan is available at forever 21 and I can almost guarantee that it'll be the best $15 you've spent in awhile if you purchase one. I'm paring the cardigan today with some Urban Outfitter's jeans and a Spring-ish blue toned tank and some Toms. This ensemble is incredible comfortable and versatile. 

Getting Red For The Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching and we're all beginning to think about what to wear for the many holiday gatherings. Whether you celebrate any of the fall/winter holidays or you just want to update you wardrobe for the cold season, these outfits are right for any occasion. And if you're like me, and you're running out of closet space and need to keep the new clothes to a minimum or need help justifying a new piece to your partner, the thriftier the buy, the better! Here are a few thrifty but fashionable buys for the season:

1. Black Boat Neck Long Sleeve Dress

Black High Waist Polka Dot Asymmetrical Skirt

Step into Fall


I love to push the boundaries and to redefine office wear.  If you can find pieces of clothing that can be worn at a casual event as well as for a professional one, it makes the splurge that much sweeter and it's easier to justify spending the money!

Shoes: Steve by Steve Madden, Shirt F21, Pants: Thrift buy, Cardigan:, Necklace: Kay Jewelers